Way of Sound

Way of Sound cables are hand made for all instruments: electric guitars, bass guitars, electro-acoustic guitars, keyboards connected to all amplifiers, effects, etc. All of them are under a two - year guarantee*.

Connections are made in the direction shown on the cable. These cables are produced in various configurations of length and kinds of plug - right-angle plugs and straight plugs. We use materials of the highest quality. The wire is made to our special order. It is made from oxygen - free copper and silver is added. It has spiral wound screen thanks to which there is a lack of a micro phonic effect and there is a high efficiency of screening. As a result, the sound is not disrupted even under extreme working conditions.

Thanks to such solutions the cable has low capacity and attenuation. Additionally, the outer cable sheathing is made from material that prevents the cable from twisting and which increases resistance to bending and breaking. Nevertheless, double cable protection has been used in the most fragile place - connection between the wire and the jack. It has made a considerable improvement in the cable's lifetime.

Each cable is supplied coiled corresponding to the natural twist of the cable, to enable the cable to be uncoiled without kinking or knotting. The diameter of the cable is 7 mm.
* guarantee does not include damages caused by inappropriate usage, mechanical damages, or any kind of modifications.



How it works ?

The idea consists of joining all of the connections according to the description on the cable's plugs-from the source of the sound towards the receiver. The most simple example is in the case of connecting a guitar to the amplifier.

The same idea is used in all connections between various equipment, e.g. in the effects loop, between effects, etc.




  • 0,20m between effects
  • 0,50m between effects
  • 1m
  • 3m
  • 6m
  • 8m

Jack types:

  • straight
  • angled

In all lengths of cable there is the possibility of using any jack type. The direction is marked with an arrow at both ends.

Buy it

Please contact your nearest dealer or distributor in your country.
You can find it on: .
Use following information:

- quantity of cables,
- length of cable (or cables),
- input signal jack type (e.g. guitar),
- output signal jack type (e.g. amplifier).