212MH -  Mr. Hector

Two 12" speaker cabinet designed to work with the high gain amp Mr. Hector.

Two different speakers mounted: ElectroVoice Black Label and Celestion Vintage 30 is a perfect duet for devil tones.

Half open back construction made of a strong plywood in full size width, but smaller height then most of the other 2x12" cabinets. 


Our long-term trade presence lets us understand the musicians’ needs. This helps us learn what changes are needed in our constructions in order to satisfy our customers. That is why we decided to start the production of the Mr. Hector - Cabinet series designed especially for guitarists, who prefer heavy tones.

Cabinet 2 x 12" utilizes one Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and one Electro Voice "Black Label" speaker. Many tests and evaluations showed that such a combination makes a very unique sound, which creates a perfect combination especially with High Gain amplifiers, though it works also great with the classic guitar amplifiers.

Furthermore, 212MH is not so difficult during the transport like the regular 4 x 12" cabinet. It's though possible to combine two of 212MH cabinets or one 212MH with the 412. The jack socket box allows to connect them both because is has two parallel connected sockets. A set of two 212 cabinets is still more versatile than a single 412 cabinet.


The signal coming in the cabinet goes straight from the jack sockets to the speakers without any switch between. We're using only a thick (1,5 mm) wires for connections. This two above solutions makes the cabinet extremely reliable.

Additionally the width of the cabinet is the same as in the 412 model, which makes it possible to use it as the bottom in a 412 + 212MH set. This width secures that no amp will be wider than the cabinet.


Cabinet is entirely made of plywood. It is a half-opened construction with its back wall fixed on screws. The vent hole at the back side makes the cabinet very fast responsive for the attack and since it's not fully opened it has quite much of bass response. The speakers are mounted from the inside.



  • Power: 120W RMS,
  • 1 x Speaker Celestion Vintage 30
  • 1 x Speaker Electro Voice „Black Label",
  • Fixed impedance: 8 Ω or 16 Ω,
  • Input: two - connected in a parallel,
  • A possibility of mounting wheels,
  • Dimensions: 75 x 35 x 44 [cm],
  • Weight: 31 kg.



Amp and cabinet covers are made of special "Kodura 600D" material on 10mm foam, front is additionally reinforced with 10mm Naturflexe. Covers are available for all of our products.

There is a possibility of fixing rubber wheels with the brake. They are very resistant - max 50 kg each and they have the brake with a metal element which stops the rubber wheel.

Laboga Way of Sound cables are of the highest quality.



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