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Playing these amps live for the first time was a jaw dropping experience to say the least... Tight, focused, brutal and overwhelmingly clear.. simply amazing! I didn't spend more than a minute dialing in the perfect tone. The tonal clarity of these amps will blow your mind. The Mr Hector 3X12 cabinet compliments the Mr Hector head perfectly. I am honored to be a part of the Laboga family and will truly enjoy cranking these beasts on stage and in the studio!

Danny Straughen

This amp has that tone I was looking for. Strong, clear & really heavy! Just tons of gain that always seems crystal clear and never buzzy, especially with the 3x12 cabinet. The best sounding amp I've ever played hands down.

Iain McLure

It's really simple ... it's just the best tube amp i ever played ... the clean sound is really dynamic and clear ... all the différent pick ups setting are respect ... and for the high gain channel ... it's just amazing ... i don't use any effect so i need an amp with a great sustain and harmonics whitch respect the sound of the guitar and the pick ups ... the sound is very definyte ...the control are really efficient and make the "Mr Hector" a really polyvalent ... i can play everything style with it and he always give me a very musical result ... The cabinet is just incredible ... the really best i ever heard ... so it's the best amp i ever played !

Jean Fontanille

The dream began in summer 2008 when I had the chance to try out a Laboga Mr. Hector during the summer festival of my local music store. When I plugged in my guitar I was absolutely overwhelmed by the raw power and tightness in all frequencies. The Mr. Hector has a very tight low end and razor sharp attack at the same time. The broad tonal range and especially the killer mids of the Mr. Hector convinced me in every way. This was what I was looking for since I play metal and Laboga built it! You don´t need to adjust this amp a lot to find a ball wrecking tone and that´s the reason why I chose a Laboga Mr. Hector. Without any thoughts of being endorsed I can say this amp is a monster! We're really honored to be a part of the Laboga family and thrilled to have one of their monsters on stage and in the studio.

Marcelo Vasquez Rocha

2006 was the year I became the happy owner of the Mr. Hector Head produced by Laboga Amps. After setting it up and plugging my guitar in I didn't even spend 1 minute turning the knobs and BAM - then I had the perfect ILLDISPOSED sound! That's really how an amp should be, easy to handle. It has a huge tone. This monster is what you will hear at future ILLDISPOSED shows and on future ILLDISPOSED albums!

Jakob Batten

I was always into earthy and organic sounds; they always struck me as more real and powerful, more alive. The first time I plugged into the Alligator I felt that I found what I had been searching for ever since the early 90s. A raw yet defined bite. Living. I cranked it up and it kept delivering, just adding more growly warmth for every notch, without becoming blurry or blunt. My ears kept listening to find that sharp hi-end crackle that has made all post-90 amps so cold and boring, but it was simply not to be found. Seriously, the 90s brought us Floyd Rose bridges, autotuning software and Rectifiers galore - who can forgive that? Enter the Alligator to eat all that for breakfast, and I'll be delighted to see what it might get for lunch...

Daniel Gildenlöw

The nicest clean and crunch sound in one amp..... Alligator and Mr. Hector are the perfect team.

Roland Grapow

I have been on a vintage ride for two or three years, dying for that sweet combo sound. I even bought a Vox and a Fender amp, to still my hunger. Ah, the magic of a split neck pickup and a cranked open back combo... So it was with anticipation that I took the A-Class for a test drive, but not without some level of doubt, considering the competition it was up against. But it delivered and I fell in love on the spot, like a stupid teenager. It's got all that vintage warmth but with far more versitility and range. And since the one I ordered will have one Celestion Vintage 30 speaker and one Greenback, there is simply nowhere I can't go!

Daniel Gildenlöw