It all started when I was sixteen, in 1968. I joined a rock bank where I played the guitar. After some time, we needed a PA system. At the same time I started to study electronics and was very interested in power amplifiers. I decided to make my own guitar amplifier, which was my first construction.

It occurred to me very quickly that producing power amplifiers was my better side than playing the guitar. The band broke up and I started my adventure with power amplifiers. In 1972, I started working as a sound engineer with the band "HOKUS". It was a group from Katowice. I made a 200W tube power amp for them. In 1973, I met Achim Żychoń who used to play in a leading Polish band called "Niebiesko Czarni". I also made a power amp for him. It was my first professional 100W tube bass amp that I called "DIAMONDSOUND". Suddenly it occurred that everybody wanted to have such an amp as Achim Zychon. So I had a lot of orders and this is how my production begun.

In 1963 I decided to change the name of my firm into "LABSOUND". The whole production was sent to DDR, USSR, Czechoslovakia, and the whole area of Poland. People and bands like Niebiesko Czarni, Homo Domini, Jerzy Grunwald, Azyl P, Hak, Siekera, Bank, Republika, Krzak, Wilczy Pajak, Perfect, T.Love, Daab, Czeslaw Niemen's band, Hokus, Jan Borysewicz, Andrzej Pluszcz, Zdrowa Woda, Flap Jack, Wojtek Pilichowski and many others used to use my power amplifiers and most still do today! Homo Homini year 1973.

In the 90s, after the fall of communism, the firm changed its name to "LABOGA". It was honored with many awards in the 90s. Among others with many awards at the Intermedia fair: silver medal in 1993 for the valve amp 100W, gold medal in 1994 for bass amp V MOS 200W, and in 1997, an honorable mention for the Best Polish Product.

Besides of producing our own products, we also provide a repair service for other world’s leading brands. This service helped us study various technical aspects and tone of other leading brands.

Do to our long-term presence in this business, we understand what are the musicians’ needs. We can also learn what changes are needed in our constructions in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. All the products are hand made by well-qualified employees and the sound is verified by professional musicians.

Experience gained during all those years results in low amount of failures of our products.