• Mr. Hector

    The most popular amp from Laboga is Mr. Hector head. We considered requests from the guitar players who usually were having not enough of gain.

  • Diamond Sound

    The New series Diamond Sound 50W and 100W

    Fully tube
    High-end amplifier

  • Behemoth

    Mr. Hector, 412  cabinets and Laboga Cables.

  • Pain of Salvation
    Pain of Salvation

    Alligator A-Class series is the favorite choice of Daniel Gildenlöv. He has a quite impressing collection of them: AD5202TA combo, two AD5200TA heads and two 412AA cabinets. 

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  • Seth (Behemoth)

    Laboga Cables Way of Sound

  • Tommy Denander

    Tommy Denander